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  • This is now officially my worst wordpress day ever.

    First of all, i’v been trying to bug track and fix extreamly slow admin pages, its taken weeks and today I finally gave up, deleted my full site and all blogs.

    I installed a fresh wordpress, uploaded my plugins, uploaded my theme, converted it to a multisite all was well at this point.

    I focused on the main page fixing widgets etc, then went to admin/network to install a new plugin and the damn page will not display.

    IT WAS DISPLAYING so I’v got no clue why the hell its not showing up now, all I was doing in between converting to multisite and the network admin not showing was positioning widgets.

    man im about ready to fully pull out my hair no joke.

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  • Did you activate a plugin sometime in between the process?

    not that I recall no, would or could a polugin actually prevent the network admin page from displaying though ?

    Its the easy Nivo Slider plugin, when thats active, the network admin page does not load, wonder if there is an easy way to fix this cos that slider is kickass.

    I kind of figured it may be a plugin. Since I don’t use it, the only think I can suggest is to contact the developer and let him or her know that the plugin causes issue with the Network Admin page.

    just did a quick search and found another one that does the same thing , got way less options but hay its working so im not gona complain.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the plugin above, just glad it worked out this time and I didnt have ti wipe my database and files AGAIN lol.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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