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  1. jkl123
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am not your most tech savy person... but I'm here and I am persistent hoping to be up and running.

    I created my WP Blog, and I am using IPage to host my acct/site. But I am way over my head... lost in something call a Dashboard ;-) I am basically setting up different pages in my website Authentic Ugg Boots . The home page is suppose to be my about me welcome page. Then I added another page title Blog which is where I intend to blog at. then I created and added another page titled Guide-How to, where I plan to provide step by step instructions on different arts and crafts. and last but not least I added a page for recipes.

    I had a very good intro that I really liked... and now is gone... so there is just a random post in there for the time being. But if you notice my page layout ( I am not focused on the appereance of the page yet... first I want to get it going so I can add content in the right places) Anyhow... I have different pages tabs. Home, Blog, Guide-How to, and Recipes.

    What I am trying to do is have the 'Home Page' be my welcome page that visitors see when they first visit my site. I want to have a picture and a quick intro ( which is what I had before it vanished )

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