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  • Hi

    I’ve tried desperately not to post yet another topic on this issue but I cannot find a situation or therefore a solution which appears to match mine exactly – apologies if one does indeed exist.

    Having successfully installed WP Multisite 3.2.1 on my dedicated server (it’s really easy now, especially with the fantastic instructions on the codex page), I am trying to do the same on a cloud reseller account. All goes smoothly without errors, database tables are created and everything.

    There’s just one small (!) problem: the Network Admin is not appearing on the top right. All I am getting to indicate there is, in theory, a network set up, is a My Sites link. Having looked at other posts it looks perhaps like my user account has somehow lost permissions in the conversion to multisite, as there are no errors.

    Since it was working on my dedicated server, it must be a server issue but any clues as to what so I can direct the hosting staff?


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