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  • Hi,

    I have two questions on network activation!

    1) Is the network activation support automatic, or a plugin developer must implement this feature in the code of the plugin? So do all the plugins support the network activation, or not?

    I see that there is no network activate button under the “Hello Dolly” plugin, the reason is that the plugin explicitly forbids the network activation, or what?

    And for example the Google XML Sitemaps plugin claims: “This release is not compatible with the new multisite feature of WordPress 3.0 yet. The plugin will remain inactive as long as this feature is enabled.”

    Does it mean that I cannot network activate this plugin? But I installed the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, and I see the “Network Activate” button under it, so I am confused! If I would now hit the “Network Activate” button under this plugin, this would break things?

    2) What about this bug?

    When you do a network activation of a plugin, register_activation_hook() fires only for the current site.

    This causes plugins to behave incorrectly on every other site.

    What? So network activation is currently broken? I found this plugin:

    So do I need to use that plugin if I want network activate plugins?

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  • 1 – I have network activation under the Hello Dolly plugin. But you made me check!

    2 – that plugin is meant to over come the fault that when activating for all blogs, the register_activation_hook is not run for each and every one.

    It isn’t needed for all plugins, just those that use register_activation_hook, so it will affect a lot, but not all plugins.

    Oops, I have the network activation button under the Hello Dolly plugin, too 🙂 So all the plugins have this feature? I mean if I write a plugin, then I can network activate it without any extra code in the plugin, because WordPress can automagically network activate any plugin?

    Ok, and which plugins use the register_activation_hook? 🙂

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    I mean if I write a plugin, then I can network activate it without any extra code in the plugin, because WordPress can automagically network activate any plugin?

    Yes and no.

    You CAN, but it still may not work. Best to test it first 🙂 Some plugins just DO NOT work network.

    which plugins use the register_activation_hook? 🙂

    Too many to tell. This is like asking ‘Which plugins use the word ‘Monday’ in their readme.’ 🙂

    Looks like the bug is critical. Why is it postponed into 3.1?

    I will install the “Proper Network Activation” plugin, it cannot cause harm… And I remove it after that bug is fixed.

    When running WordPress MultiSite, you have a very handy feature called network activation. It allows you to activate a plugin for the entire network of sites. The trouble is that it only does half the job.

    Some plugins have an install procedure that is meant to be run only on activation. However, when you do a network activation, that install procedure is only run for the current site. So, you end up with plugins not working properly on all the other sites.

    What this plugin does:

    * when doing a network de/activation, it triggers the de/activation hook on all sites in the network
    * when creating a new site, it triggers the activation hook for all active network plugins on that site

    just remember it isn’t suitable for larger MultiSite installations.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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