[resolved] Network activated plugins not displaying in dashboard of sub sites (3 posts)

  1. xxRobinxx
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Network activated plugins are not displaying in the dashboard of my sub sites. They were all working and displaying properly until I decided to do some housecleaning and network deactivate then delete a couple of plugins (Hello Dolly & CMS Tree Page View).

    Now all plugins are no longer displaying within the dashboard of the sub sites. Some plugin's options are still showing within the settings section of the dashboard (Three WP Broadcast).

    I have tried the following fixes:
    1) Clearing my cache then Network deactivating then reactivating my plugins
    2) Reinstalling the Hello Dolly & CMS Tree Page View plugins; network activated those plugins. (this made these two reappear in my sub sites)
    3) Network deactivating all plugins (now they are showing up in my sub site plugins menus)
    4) Activating the plugins within sub sites now works, however they have to be network deactivated to function, so now things are working in reverse.

    Not sure what to do now to get things working as the CMS intended.

  2. This is not a bug.

    They don't show up in the /plugins/ page for subsites.

  3. xxRobinxx
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I could swear it was working otherwise initially for me and that's what threw me. Thanks.

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