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    I posted this on Plugins and Hacks forum but my post wend down to 3 pages in less than an hour. So I’m posting here as it is more Multisite related issue:

    I have used WPMU for a long time, and I thought its good to upgrade to new WP Multisite.

    I am using the development version WP 3.3 [svn checkout]. Installed, activated Multisite and installed all my plugins and tested on main blog all working fine.

    Now I tried to do “Network Activate” on the Network Plugins menu. I get message “Plugin activated.” but there is absolutely nothing happened. The plugin is not even activated for the current main blog. The link below the plugin “Network activate” is still say the same [Shouldn’t it change to say “Network deactivate” ? – guessing]. I have no other plugins activated.

    I do have one subdomain blog and blog is working. If I use the “Plugin Commander” plugin [which is not mu-plugin], to mass activate, my plugins are working on subdomain as well as on the main blog.

    I think this must be some small thing I forgot or doing a mistake.

    Now, I know all plugins are not made for Network Activation. I read the threads on this forum. None of my plugins are working. Not even activating on the main blog if I do Network Activate. So I definitely do not think its the plugins.

    Thanks for your reply

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  • I’m using 3.3-trunk right now and I can activate/deactivate plugins so… yeah, something isn’t right. Can you SVN up again and see if it’s a bad install?

    May be I wasn’t entirely clear. I can activate plugins for the current plugin. That works great. It just when I try to do “Network activate” nothing seems to happen. That’s the problem.

    No you were clear.

    And I’m using 3.3-trunk (which is RC1.5 basically) and I can activate and deactivate plugins, network or otherwise, without any issues.

    So, again, can you update your version of WP and make sure it’s not a bad install?

    Also moving this down to Alpha/Beta – as it’s appropriate there 🙂

    I upgraded to today’s nightly WordPress 3.3-RC1-19537 and the Network Activate is working fine.


    Yeah, you probably caught a bad push.

    ALWAYS always always ‘svn up’ when using SVN and finding a problem. 99% of the time, Nacinbot fixes ’em 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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