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    Hello! Still loving this plug-in, but I’ve run into a little rub and I’m hoping you can tell me if it’s just not possible or if i’m doing it wrong.

    I have a parent page called XYZ.
    There are a handful of child pages to that parent page.
    Then there are a handful of subpages to each of those child pages, but those aren’t displaying. It’s just spitting out the shortcode into the page, but the first level is working great.

    They do show up if I use a competitor’s plugin, but I really like yours and I’d prefer to just use one.

    Is nesting them not possible? Or if it is, am I not using it correctly? I appreciate your input.

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author caterhamcomputing


    Hi … I’ve been looking a lot into nested child pages, and the problem arises that one of the nested pages may be the page currently displayed – which can cause an infinite loop.

    I am adding a feature to the next release to extend the use of the existing depth so that it will not only apply when using list mode. The top level child pages will then show up as usual, but if the depth parameter is set (to -1 (any depth), 0 (all pages), or any value greater than 1) a list of the child pages will be displayed within the box. This uses wp_list_pages to display the list of child pages, and since the page content is not shown there is no problem with recursion and looping …. this also gets around potential display issues where the child pages are displayed in columns (e.g. trying to show 3 columns in a box that is already only a third of the page width).

    I will be finalising the next release soon, so hopefully this will go some way to achieving what you want to do …

    This is great news, I look forward to this change. 🙂 Thank you!

    Dear Author,

    Did you find a solution for these nesting pages?
    I think I’m going through the same problem as well.

    Pages with only 1 level (page B where B sub C,D,etc.) of subpage is showing properly, yet those with multiple levels of subpages (page A where A sub B sub C,D,etc.). Basically the page will load the header and footer only.

    Plugin Author caterhamcomputing


    I have released the new version of the plugin … sorry it has taken so long, but other commitments have kept me from working on this for a while.

    You can now use the depth parameter for the shortcode outside of list mode … sub-pages are listed as an unordered list at the bottom of the child page. You can specify a title for this section using the subpage_title parameter.

    [child_pages depth="5" subpage_title="Sub-pages"]

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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