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  • Love the concept of this plugin.

    Any way to get nested spots…like a parent spot with a child spot inside it?

    I’ve been using the Sniplets plugin for managing reusable code snippets. It works great, but no visual editor. So I see a scenario of combining Spots with Sniplets as an alternative to nested spots. I’ve been trying to embed a sniplet shortcode inside a spot, but for some reason the sniplet doesn’t render. Any ideas?


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  • Plugin Author Robert O’Rourke


    Hi Jeff,

    Nested spots is something we specifically blocked because of the problem of nesting a spot within itself which as you can imagine would have some pretty funky consequences!

    The spots themselves use the standard loop function like the_content() so shortcodes should work. Bear in mind however that spots are cached which can break some shortcode output so there may be a better way to do what you need.

    Try re-saving the spot with your shortcode in and if that doesn’t help try adding this to your functions.php:


    It will effectively turn off the cache.

    If it still doesn’t work let me know as shortcodes should definitely be ok.

    Can you post the code for your spot template too if you’re using one?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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