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  • Hi

    I’m having a problem with the nested menus on my site. The dropdowns from the nav work fine, but I’ve set up pages inside of the dropdown pages (level 3) and these don’t show up when I roll over.

    Any ideas why this could be happening? They show up in the pages section of the admin in the following way:

    Level 1
    – Level 2
    – – Level 3

    Any advice much appreciated! 🙂

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  • esmi


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    If your theme uses wp_list_pages or wp_page_menu, look for a depth parameter.

    The new “navigation menus” in WordPress 3.0 have nothing at all to do with the Parent Page and Menu Order controls on the page admin screen. They are totally different, duplicate, systems.

    If you use both of them, you will have to manually re-create an identical setup in the “menus” admin screen. And then you will have to remember to manually resynchronize everything whenever you change anything.

    As yet there is no way to load a sidebar widget into the new menus, nor can you embed a menu into a sidebar. For now we are stuck with this mess.

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the responses. I actually have a new issue now and it sounds as though you may be able to help..?

    I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and now the nav has duplicated itself! Is this anything to do with the new navigation menus functionality you mention?

    The site is and it currently has a password protection to view:

    User – admin
    Pass – Empire@Riley41

    Any advice VERY much appreciated!


    PS. I’m using a modified version of the Constructor theme (0.9.7) and unsure of whether I should upgrade this too (1.0.6) or if that will ruin my site???

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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