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    Hi dear ooohboi,
    There is a feature that I use more than often in my projects which is the ability to insert inner sections inside each other and the only plugin that have this feature is “Happy Addons Pro” and this is very annoying to use two huge plugins (Free+Pro) in every project to use only a simple feature from all those redundant bloated widgets of Happy addons.
    Now I turned to your plugin because of its neat features like BreakingBad and etc. So is it possible for you to add this very useful feature in Steroids aswell?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Oooh Boi



    Personally, I don’t think that nesting sections/columns is a solution for, say it, a more complex layout. It’s rather all about grouping widgets. I recently came across an awesome add-on named EleBuilder ( To be honest, I have never received an answer to my inquiry from them, but functionality-wise that add-on can be a blessing. As a side note, I’m not a part of EleBuilder nor affiliate nor my plan is to advertise it, I just think it deserves more attention. Could it be a solution for your problem?

    Thanks for your reply,
    I’ve taken a look at EleBuilder free version and oh my… They have a great feature set but their custom widget is not an answer to my simple needs! Perhaps for bigger and more complex designs that would be a great idea but for simple ones, it just adds another layer of complexity and pain as Happy Addons does!
    But again thanks for your response and please consider my suggestion as your plugin is getting a huge audience from WordPress community.

    P.S: They haven’t updated their plugin for three months, and now with WP 5.5 I can’t open my pages inside elementor builder anymore while it’s enabled.
    Also, I get lots of JS warnings in my chrome dev console!

    Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Oooh Boi


    Oh, that sounds like a bummer didn’t have a chance to test it against WP 5.5. I’m sure it’s gonna be fixed. Sorry to hear it’s not what you were looking for tho!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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