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    Hi. I’m trying to use nested highlander groups, where the first group consists of three items, and in the third item is nested another highlander group of six items. If one of the second group is left open when item 1 or 2 of the first group is clicked, the open item in the second group remains open, instead of closing along with its parent. You can see what I mean here:

    Click About Us and you’ll see three menu choices: Letter from David…, Philosophy and Team — those are the first highlander group. If you click Team you’ll see six team member photos — those are the second highland group. Click any photo and a bio appears below the photo. With one bio open, if you click back on Letter… or Philosophy, that section opens but the bio also stays in view. I would iike any open bios to close as well when Letter… or Philosophy is clicked and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Mark Gilchrist

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    Hello Mark,

    OK. You are using a Visual Composer to lay this out, correct?
    Regardless, the issue is simply that–although you are using nested shortcodes–the actual elements are not being nested.

    For example, your first level collapse elements (the menu) look like so:

    <span class="avia-menu-text">
        <span class="collapseomatic noarrow colomat-nolink must-be-one snap-shut colomat-close colomat-visited" id="team" rel="about-highlander" tabindex="" title="Our Team">Our Team</span>

    Clearly, the nested elements are not contained within this span.
    You might try using the roll-your-own method rather than nested expands, but this might not solve this issue.

    For a more advanced use like this, we would recommend considering upgrading to collapse-pro-matic. It would allow us to add a javascript function that could check if your parent highlander group was collapsed and manually collapse any sub-groups. We could also consider adding a multiple highlander groupings feature to our pro version. Regardless, the upgrade comes with a very high level of personal support that alone is worth the price, and we’ll get this issue resolved for you in quick fashion.

    If you want to forge forward on your own, look into the roll-your-own method. It’s a bit more technical than using shortcodes, but it might be just the thing you need.

    Best of luck, and let us know if you make any progress.

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    Hi. Thanks for the quick response. I actually purchased Collapse-Pro-Matic before writing, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it to solve the problem. And I’m using the roll-your-own method for the second group, the photos and bios, but I built the menu by putting shortcodes in the Navigation Label fields of an actual WordPress menu. Let me know what else you need to further help with the problem. Thanks.


    Plugin Author twinpictures


    Hello Mark,
    If you have purchased the pro version, please contact us via the support channel listed in the purchase receipt. We’ll be happy to assist you directly.

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