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  • Hello,

    Really love the plugin. During my customization of the login status, I used the logged_in and logged_out shortcodes. I wrapped the registration form shortcode([wpmem_form register]) between the logged_out shortcode ([wpmem_logged_out]) and wrapped the content to be displayed when logged in between the logged_in shortcode[wpmem_logged_in].

    The problem is when I make changes to the registration form fields, the fields are not updated on the form. Additionally, the recaptcha keys aren’t being recognized.

    However, the problem is solved when I remove the registration form from the wpmem_logged_out wrap.

    Is there any fix to this issue?

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I’m not sure why the registration fields would reflect changes in this scenario other than the possibility that you may be using a cache. However the recaptcha keys I would look at whether you are using a v2 captcha key. The plugin currently only supports reCAPTCHA v2, not v3. v3 will be supported in the 3.3.0 release of the plugin.

    As for how you have this configured, it seems that you’re actually making it more complicated than it needs to be. What you described would give you the same behavior of what the plugin already does automatically to a blocked page/post.

    The plugin’s default is to display the login and registration form on any blocked content in place of the content. When the user is logged in, it would display the content. You can get a visual of this in the initial setup video here:

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