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    When I go to the edit page for any post, clicking on the following produces no response:

    • switch between editors (visual -> text, text <- visual)
    • screen options menu
    • edit permalink
    • expand/close any dialogue box (e.g., Publish, Featured Image, etc.)


    Oddly, I can adjust settings in WordPress dialogue boxes that are already open (e.g., Publish), but not in Third-party dialogue boxes that are already open (e.g., Yoast SEO Premium).


    Other posts [1] [2] [3] suggest that these issues could be related to the fact that “TinyMCE was updated to the latest version (4.7.11)” in 4.9.6. However, none of the solutions from those posts have solved my issue.


    When I enter troubleshooting mode (using the Health Check plugin), everything works on both the Twenty Seventeen theme and the Twenty Fifteen theme.

    While re-enabling Plugins, I find that the following plugins re-break the post editor in the way I have described:

    • Social Warfare
    • Social Warfare – Pro

    When I re-enable all plugins and install Advanced TinyMCE Configuration, I get the following error:

    The Advanced TinyMCE Configuration plugin requires attention: you are running TinyMCE 4.0 (WordPress 3.9 or newer) but the settings for the editor have not been updated. This can result in errors while editing, or the editor may fail completely.

    The TinyMCE pugin’s error message seems to be describing my problem. When I go to the editor, the same problem exists.

    But I am not sure what settings this error is referring to. When I go to the Advanced TinyMCE Configuration settings page, it is not obvious how to change settings in a way that would resolve the error.


      Something about 4.9.6 changed TinyMCE settings that break certain (popular) plugins.
      Contrary to what I am reading on Social Warfare’s Plugin Page (as I write this), their plugin(s) are not compatible with 4.9.6

    I’d be delighted to receive advice and further perspective from others experiencing post editor problems since 4.9.6.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • If plugins you have installed are causing WordPress to not function correctly your only real course of action is to contact the developers of those plugins so that they can resolve the issue in their plugins. If they can’t do that for any reason you’ll need to deactivate them or find alternatives.

    So you’ll need contact the Social Warfare developers at the plugin’s dedicated support forum: As far as I can tell they seem to be quite responsive.

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    I’ve contacted the plugin developers. I’m just posting this to (a) save other Social Warfare users some troubleshooting and (b) see if others have a better idea than the obvious one (i.e., deactivating the problem plugins).

    Thanks for your reply!

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