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  • Hello!

    Long story made short, we would REALLY need to be able to refine the search results when we make a search for a plugin.

    The criteria to refine search results could be very simple :
    – most downloaded first
    – most recently updated first
    – exclude plugins not updated in a whole year
    – exclude plugins with a rating below 3 stars

    The latest illustration I found for this issue, I searched for “facebook comments”.
    With this, at the present time, it’s impossible to find which of the displayed are the plugins getting the greatest number of downloads, among the first page results are plugins, for instance, having between 700 and 350 000 downloads.
    Maybe, out of 353 matching results, there would be a super popular gem doing the job perfectly (the two first plugins I tested didn’t)… but it’s very hard to find.
    Hopefully, natural selection would do its job, and the most recommended plugins would become the most popular plugins, and so, if only we had the option to refine search results, we could find the good plugins.

    I really feel this would improve the wordpress experience 🙂

    Good day everyone !

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  • Oh boy.

    Today, I searched for “Syntax Highlight” to find a good highlighting plugin.

    I didn’t imagine I’d be faced with such a mess, woah O_o

    From within the blog engine, in Wp admin > Plugins > Add
    From wordpress org’s website search:

    Honestly, what a mess! The top results from from zero to a few thousands downloads, are between two years old and a few days old, it is not possible to guess if there are, or not, “bad” results too old or incompatible, and there’s no telling, at all, how the results rae sorted.

    WordPress, with its very rich ecosystem of plugins, would really, REALLY benefit from a cleaner search, with a presentation order that makes sense at last, and that might be sorted correctly by various criteria.
    I know, REST API and all that is the hype, but it’s a pity there aren’t internal resources allocated to more fundamental old-school topics such as improving the display of search results :-/

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