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    We work as a foundation raising funds on behalf of participants. Each user has their own fundraising page, which is ongoing. Users do not withdraw funds to their accounts, but submit requests to pay for treatment/rehabilitation etc. We therefore need to be able to add negative contributions to a given collection. This cannot simply be a reduced collection amount. Any negative operation should be visible in the collection, where the name would be the invoice number or similar. Is this possible to achieve with GiveWP?

    In other words, the idea is that the collection is continuous, it should be possible to pay out part of the collected funds for a specific purpose, which will also be visible to the user in the collection summary.

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    Hey @chosendaone!

    That’s an interesting model for sure, but not something that GiveWP supports. You’re essentially running donation-funded insurance (for lack of a better word), and need fairly fine-tuned reporting and accounting to be able to know current balances of each individual fundraiser.

    That’s not something that GiveWP currently has any way to keep track of, on a conceptual level. You’re right to point to essentially “negative donations” as a way to do that, but that would be introducing a different concept.

    I made a feature request on your behalf over on our feedback site: https://feedback.givewp.com/feature-requests/p/balances-or-donation-driven-wallets

    Feel free to add any context or nuance that I missed.

    Also, if I were tasked with this functionality *today* I’d probably try connecting up to a third party database solution like AirTable using the webhooks premium add-on. That’s essentially separating out the “withdrawal” and “individual funds” functionality out to a separate service. It’s likely not easy or simple to add that type of tracking into GiveWP itself.

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