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    Hello –

    I’m new to your Image-Pin-It plugin, and I have to confess I’m not a WP-professional, nor a CSS/HTML-crack. I’m going with Firefox and just have cleared the cached sites (Plugin: “Super Cache”)
    (And, I don’t know if this is relevant, I used the WP-editor “Tailor” to create my website. The theme I use is “Coral dark pro” from Coralthemes.
    My website aimed to be a magazine-side, without a regular blog layout. The URL is
    But as written in the settings of the free plugin-version, it seems be easy to use your plugin. So I gave it a try.

    After the description in several fields doesn’t took effect, I bought the pro-version, as I hoped the problems will fade,
    and additionally I wanted to have some more customizing options that will come with the Pro, as you wrote on your website.

    But now it seems, that the costs of 11$ was completely useless, as literally NOTHING works as described.

    1. At first, I tried to adjust the settings, and define the fields that pinterest should use for the image description.
    (To clarify: Each image is from my Media Library and each field (title, caption, description and alt-text) is labelled. For each image)
    After approximately an hour of testing various settings and pinning again and again on pinterest,
    I have to recognized that the only field that pinterest accepted is the alt-text field. All others where without effect.
    Nether “Image description”, nor “Image caption” worked properly! (As opposed to your description)
    2. Next issue was hours of trying to exclude some images from the Pin-it-option:
    As I didn’t knew which command I had to add in the „custom-CSS“-field of my theme to add a CSS-class-field to my library images,
    I’ve downloaded the plugin “Custom Image CSS Classes”. After installation I have 2 CSS-fields in the single Image view in my library:
    The first one is called “Class (featured)”, the second one is named “Class (all)”.
    Then, I tried to add an exclude-command to some images.
    In order to do so, I’ve added the words “nopin” or “wp-smiley” or both as excluding-commands
    (as written in The JQuery settings) to the first, to the second or to both fields (desperate try!) – NOTHING HAPPENS, all images still have a Pin-it-button.
    To my great disappointment and nothing helped (save settings several times, page reloading, turning the plugin on and off, deinstall of the free Jquery Plugin-version)
    3. My third disappointment was that I expected to get some “Premium icons” (A number of beautiful “Pin it” icons as you wrote on your website)
    But I have to recognize that the customizing options are the same as in the free version

    After all this is a horrible plugin-experience!

    I desperately need effective help:

    1. I need a custom-CSS for my theme that enables a css-class for the images (Already wrote the theme creator, but still waiting for an answer)
    (This way I can deinstall the CSS-Plugin and make sure, that the Plugin is not the cause of my troubles with excluding images)
    2. I need a working command for excluding images
    3. Alternatively I need a working command for “enabeling” the pin-it option (if the exclude function doesn’t work)
    4. It would be great to resolve the “Description source issue”. I need to be able to use “Image description” or the “Image caption”, as I’ve optimized the alt-texts for Google.
    (I don’t want to optimize it for Pinterest)

    With kind regards and apologizing for some broken English –

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  • I’ve got a very dedicated email support that resolved my problems.

    Here a short version for potential other users:

    1. Setting the selector to .jpibfi_container img:not(.nopin img)
    finally enabled the nopin-option.
    This way the plugin worked fine with Tailor (after adding the word nopin in the class field of the Tailor Image/Gallery inserter).

    2. Setting the value for the_content to 20 in the advanced settings tab enabled Pinterest to take the description text from “image caption” field of the media library.


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