• I tried this plugin. I registered, then attempted to set up Facebook. The facebook page I called has very little on it but there was an endless wait for the system to call it up. Any facebook with any real content might take hours to load. Three boxes appeared; first a box with “tint”, a second box which seemed to be an ad for Tint, and a third box with some content. Editing was not intuitive and there are no help pages. The included tool tips are extremely basic. I then installed the plugin and activated the widget. Nothing happened. I pasted the code into a page and after a wait a message appeared that Tints servers were down. This might work eventually but I’m looking for something straightforward and that works (I know its Beta). It also looks like it won’t continue to be free.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Tim, CEO of Tint, and I want to first say we apologize for the inconvenience and frustrations you encountered.

    If you could email me personally at tim@tintup.com , I’ll help you resolve this problem immediately. Your case might have been a rare one as we have been able to help hundreds of sites successfully integrate their Tint. I would love to learn what happened so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again for others.

    Feel free to email me at your convenience and I look forward to helping you,

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