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  • I’m not sure this is directly related to 3.5. I ran into the same problem (at least the Facebook one) a few weeks ago while still on 3.4. At the time I figured it was a temporary glitch at Mailchimp, because it seemed to fix itself, but now I’m not so sure.

    Did you recently add or upgrade Jetpack? There have been a number of problems where it’s conflicted with other plugins.

    In particular, I had to disable a couple of features recently added to Jetpack that conflicted with ShareThis. Now that I think about it, it was around the same time I had the problem with Social. It could be that the same features are interfering with both plugins, and the fix for the ShareThis conflict — disabling the Sharing and Publicize features in Jetpack — took care of both of them.

    I used the generic Facebook share bookmarklet and the excerpt and url was normal. I tried the broadcast twice hours apart and it was messed up both times.

    Also on the install I have Social I don’t have Jetpack.

    Please update for WP 3.5, I cant even authorize twitter or FB accounts


    From the FAQ:

    Social uses the core WordPress shortlink feature when broadcasting blog posts. Any plugin that interacts with the shortlink will also be reflected in Social’s broadcasts.

    wp_get_shortlink Documentation:

    In my case I don’t have any plugin that I know of that either needs the wp_get_shortlink function or uses it. I specifically disabled and removed my previous auto sharing plugin to test out Social.

    Also the links broadcast under 3.4.2 were normal and after updating to 3.5 they got ugly.

    Like I said the links work they just look ugly and unprofessional and I’m disappointed

    Social is still calling wp_get_shortlink, take it up with WP core…

    Sorry I misunderstood you at first now I get it. Thanks for the info.

    Basically the plugin uses the standard call for the shortlink so if the shortlink is funky then it isn’t the plugin. Got it.

    Never filed a bug report for WP before so I get to learn something new

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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