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  • i tried with nggallery on a different file using this plugin and i says, ‘Request unsuccessful: Not Found’

    I am getting same issue as the OP even using images which have preciously been used elsewhere.
    If you uncheck “Use For WP Gallery:” in Other Settings then the gallery is visible but Lightbox then doesn’t work.
    If left checked the gallery is not visible.

    I have a similar problem. I want to hide one of the post’s attached image. This image stays displayed in the gallery.

    This issue exists for me on WP 3.5 as well.

    Same issue for me. WP 3.5. I made a gallery in a standard post using images from other posts. When Lightbox plus is disabled, or the Use for WP Gallery button is unchecked, the gallery displays the correct images. When LightBox Plus is running it only displays the one image I have attached to that post but none of the others. I ran JS Console and there were no errors when loading the page. I definitely have the gallery set to link to Media-File, not attachment page.

    Same exact issue here. Seems the jquery isn’t compatible with the latest version packaged in WordPress 3.5

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Ok, so the WordPress image gallery in 3.5 and Lightbox Plus work for me. LBP uses the version of jQuery shipped with WordPress. However, and this took me a while to determine, if you are using Jetpack and have the Carousel activated Lightbox Plus will not work correctly. This may also be the case for the Tiled Galleries.

    I’ll look into the issue of images from other posts not showing in Lightbox Plus though it’s working for me:

    Gallery via Jetpack Tiled Gallery using random images from different posts

    I don’t have Jetpack installed at all. I’m using Akismet, Lightbox Plus obviously, Quick Cache, Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, Viper’s Video Quicktags, and WP SlimStat. My theme however, JournalCrunch, does has a carousel feature, although I”m not using it. ( I made a test page to show you here, there are five unattached images and one attached. Only the one attached shows. I wonder if it’s the unused carousel function in my theme?

    Also just to be sure I deactivated all my plugins and the gallery still won’t show unattached images.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    It’s possible it’s the carousel feature even though it’s unused but I would think it unlikely. I’ll take a look at the shortcode and compare to latest default version to see if something significant has changed. I can’t replicate the issue so I may send you a link for test version of LBP to see if corrects it.

    Happy to test for you if needed. Let me know 🙂

    I too am having a similar problem, on multiple installs.

    I have just created a completely fresh install (on localhost), with no plugins other than LBP (latest ver) and running the default twentytwelve theme.

    I had the following problems:

    – upload of images failed initially when LBP enabled
    – if I select to show only certain images from page in a gallery, all are displayed regardless – i.e. it’s not respecting IDs in shortcode
    – when I go back in to edit the gallery settings, no images appear, and ‘Update gallery’ button greyed out
    – various ‘Undefined variable/index’ notices

    On another couple of sites with bespoke themes, the styling was out too, but that’s quite possibly just something local (although never had too much of a problem in the past).

    Let me know if I can help at all with more details/testing. Thanks for the plugin to date – I’ve used it on a lot of my sites!

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    I’m looking into this today. Can you send me the settings you have for LBP? Could several of you please fill out this form:

    And please include as much additional detail as possible.

    Follow up post regarding issues with LBP/styles/WP3.5 here

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    I can’t replicate the problem and really need more details of some sort. Looking for PHP debug info – possibly a missing PHP extension. Will continue looking. I tried a vanilla install of 3.5 with LBP. Galleries with the following options:

    Images attached to post
    Images not attached to another post
    Images attached to no posts
    Mixed combinations of all three.

    Unfortunately it also seems that it will lightbox gallery images even if Use for WP Gallery is unchecked. But that’s another problem I’ll have to address.

    Here’s the development version with updated shortcode function. Give it a try and let me know if it makes any difference.

    I’m following up with details from your support form responses.

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