• Once installed I had to use Google translate to try and figure out the settings. Tried to use the social sharing and couldn’t get it to work. To be fair, I didn’t try that hard.

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  • Plugin Author Surbma


    Hi @sixer,

    thank you for your feedback! This plugin is written for and used mainly by my clients in Hungary, but you are right, I should give some care to it to make it available in English also.

    This is a very useful plugin with options, a lot of website needs by default. The plugin is also very lightweight and optimized for speed.

    Social sharing is a very good example, as this plugin is displaying the social sharing icons, but not using the social networks own javascript codes, so buttons are loading blazing fast.

    You only need to choose the social network, you want to display and you have to set the second option, where to show it: on all posts and/or on all pages.

    I will give some time to this plugin to translate it to English soon. 🙂

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