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  • Specifically, how is it incompatible?

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    it does not work for version 3.4.2. I have gone through and installed the plugin properly but there are no pinterest buttons on each photo within the Nextgen Gallery

    I’m using this plugin with version 3.4.2. and it works perfectly.

    Your problem may be the result of one the following reasons:

    1) A specific setting you’ve configured in NextGen Gallery.
    2) A conflicting plugin.

    My advice is to debug on a fresh test installation of WordPress i.e. a test server or subdirectory or a local installation using something like XAMPP.

    Install the NextGen Gallery plugin and leave it at its default settings.

    Next, install this plugin.

    Once you’ve confirmed that all is in working order, begin progressively applying the configuration changes to match the website you’re currently working on. After that, begin installing whatever additional plugins you currently have.

    This is basic debugging but it will solve your problem. The idea is to discover the point at which the plugin conflicts/breaks and lo and behold, you’ll arrive at the root and thereby the solution of your issue at hand.

    When you do, be sure to post back and share the knowledge.

    same with me.. its working only with index page… on the insider pages its not working… i checked <?php wp_head(); ?>, this code is present in header file of theme. so how can i solve this problem?

    @prateek Gupta: Have your performed the steps I outlined in the comment previous to yours?

    Here’s the problem I’m seeing: the plugin hijacks my website. When it creates the Pin, it changes the tab from my site to Pinterest. When I’m done, the tab still points to Pinterest. I love people to pin my images, but I sure don’t want them going away from my site just because of a plug in problem!

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    @karentiede: if you open the javascript/jquery.pinterest-lightbox.js file, look for the only instance of this text:


    Just before that text, add this:


    Your Pinterest button should now open in a new tab.


    Plugin Author travis.hoglund


    I modified version 1.2 to open in a new window, as well as fixed the overlay issue with newer versions of WordPress.

    Thanks for the support,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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