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  • This plugin (attempts to) create a twenty seventeen child theme so that customization to certain template parts (e.g., footer.php) can be done. However, there are several design issues with the approach being used – and for some users they will make the plugin unusable. This is unfortunate because the plugin functionality is otherwise very useful, and most of the code is well done.

    Here are the most significant issues:

    1) The plugin attempts to create a child theme using the base twenty seventeen theme, even if a child theme is already in use.
    2) The plugin attempts the creation of the child theme in the /plugins directory rather than in a server writeable directory (such as /blogs.dir). Since the (plugin) child theme can’t be created the customized footer.php (or whatever) template part isn’t updated to reflect the custom copyright notice.
    3) Making the /plugins directory server writable is a security issue and so it isn’t an option for many users.
    4) The plugin is not multisite aware.
    5) You are limited to one customization of the twenty seventeen theme.

    Perhaps the developer will re-architect this otherwise promising plugin and make an updated version available.

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