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  • Some hours of wrestling with pMachine’s slightly weird db schema, and some debugging later, I got this converter done.
    To convert a blog with it, you first need to install WordPress from CVS, then edit the file to put your pMachine database info, then load that file (rename it as .php and put it in your wp-admin directory) in your browser.
    The conversion could take some time (a dozen seconds for a huge blog), depending on your blog’s number of entries/comments.
    What it does:
    – converts a pMachine 2.3 blog’s entries, categories, users, and comments (and trackbacks and pingbacks) to WordPress 1.2-alpha (cvs)
    – users are converted with level 0, so you’ll have to log in as admin to raise their levels
    – ‘closed’ entries are converted as ‘draft’ entries
    – preferences that have a WP equivalent are converted
    What it still lacks:
    – an actual interface, like the one used for other importers
    – a way to translate pMachine users’ levels to their closest WP equivalents (need info)
    – some more testing 🙂
    – it was done from a free version of pMachine 2.3, so I’m not sure of how well it should work with the multiweblogs (not free) version, though there is a blog id variable that you can set to choose the blog to convert

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  • when running the import script the following error is received:
    Invalid query: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use

    when running import-pmachine23-0_3.php a blank page is shown. No errors, no nothing.
    What is not correct about this?

    I keep getting parse errors. Is there a way I can get the raw php file? Being a Mac user, I believe the errors are due funky line breaks and all that when I copy the file and paste it.

    Another error I got was:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare sanitize_title_with_dashes() (previously declared in /Users/francis/Sites/wordpress/wp-includes/functions-formatting.php:87) in /Users/francis/Sites/wordpress/wp-admin/import-pmachine.php on line 70

    Well, this script ROCKS!
    The user should notice, however, that some errors might happen. It imports your previous pmachine blog address, so many things can break on your new blog. It’s advisable to use phpmyadmin to fix this, as well as adding a new category because somehow the script removed my only category.
    Also, there’s an error due a function that was already declared, so it’s cool to remove it so the script works.
    It did a great job for me.

    Worked for me. I had to remove that duplicate function as indicated above. I went in and deleted all my users except for my new wp admin account and then all my posts disappeared! I re-ran the script, and while it gave errors, it did exactly what I expected and put the posts back in.

    This worked fine for me, first time through, except I can’t use it for production until the pMcode (BBCode) conversions are “de-neutered.”
    I have too many links and bits of markup in pMcode, through hundreds of entries, to try to fix them all by hand or through search-and-replace.
    Any word on when this might be done?

    I take that back. I CAN use this, thanks to the BBCode PlugIn. I installed and activated it, and all the pMcode stuff now works.
    Never mind … 😉

    Aside from the need to have the tables for the conversion in the same database (easily rectified with a simple export->import with mysqladmin) this was a straightforward and painless procedure.

    Any update to this import script?

    Can someone explain more on what blu_matt said about the simple export?

    What to import and what are the commands?

    will this work with WP 1.5?



    Has anyone tried this script with Pmachine Pro to WP1.5?



    But there are some problem at encoding. The transfered log has two different encoded text, ex)euc-kr & utf-8.
    And it has posted time error both entries, comments. It was different with original times.

    pepsifreak: In my experience, the script works fine from pM Pro 2.3 to WP 1.5 directly. You only need to install WP directly into the same directory as pMachine.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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