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  • Finding a decent plugin for displaying books seems like an exercise in futility. Almost every single one of them is missing crucial features.

    MyBookTable is the latest and it seemed to show a lot of promise. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, it’s really no better than any of the others.

    Support for series of books is a feature I’ve found extremely lacking in most of these plugins, so it’s great to finally see one add it in. Also I like that I can specify genres the book falls in, as well as multiple authors. And all of these are linkable, so if someone wants to see other books within the series, or within the same genre, then all they have to do is click on the link and it will show them all the books that match those criteria.

    But the benefits pretty much end there.

    Unless you’re a pro user or a developer, meaning you’ve paid for the plugin, you’re limited to Amazon buy links only. Affiliate integration with Amazon doesn’t work unless you’re at the pro or developer level. So if you were hoping to link to Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Kobo, and other online retailers, you’ll need to cough up some cash. This is extremely disappointing, given that every other book plugin out there offers support for multiple buy links for free.

    I might be willing to overlook the buy links or even purchase a pro license, if not for another huge problem: MyBookTable is extremely limited with the themes it supports. The only free themes it seems to work with are the uninspired WordPress themes and all other themes it works with need to be bought.

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Umstattd


    We are working on an update that will be much more theme compatible. We started with the themes the majority of our Kickstarters were using.

    We are working on a new system that should be compatible with 90% of themes.

    Plugin Author Thomas Umstattd


    Check out the new 1.1.1. We have added Barnes & Noble buttons to the free plugin as well as a new compatibility mode that should work out of the box for you provided you are not using Thesis.

    Thanks, I updated it a few days ago when it was released and it has worked absolutely great!

    I’ve also used it for all the books put out by my studio and all the guys over there are really impressed by it.

    The only tick is I’d like to be able to change the order of books depending on the type of display. For example, I’d prefer to be able to display my books on the main book page in reverse-chronological order of release, but I want series to be in chronological order. And a random display option for the widget would be great.

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