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  • Very disappointed with this plugin. Very little real control of reservations. Explanation of the use of the plugin needs a lot of work. It would benefit from a video.
    Most discouraging is language in the write up of the plugin sounds like you can control the number of plugins coming to you in a future day. This cannot be done.

    Contact to Tech support took 2 tries to get a response that was days late.
    Keep looking. This one needs a lot of work.

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  • Hi @thecubanny,

    Sorry you didn’t have a great experience with the plugin. Thanks for the feedback.

    Can you point me to the language in the plugin description that was confusing for you and let me know what you expected the plugin to do that it didn’t? Maybe I can clarify that for future users.

    I checked my support backlog and only found one support request from you, which was replied to within 12 hours of receiving it. That occurred on the night of Tuesday, October 25th. If you remember when you made a previous request then I can look into my records to see why I missed it. I work hard to provide pretty good support, even for my free users, but there have been cases in the past where I’ve missed a request.

    Good Morning,
    Unfortunately I have removed the plug in from my site and did not keep any of the supporting documentation. Therefore I am unable to give you specific information regarding the confusing language.

    I will say that part of it did have to do with the ability stop taking reservations after a certain number has been taken and something else but I don’t remember at this time.

    I did send you two requests. You answered the second one. I cannot tell you if it was within 12 hours. Since my request was written on your information form, I cannot tell you the exact date. I can say that I was quite disappointed in not hearing from someone as I really wanted this to work.

    I am sorry to not be of any help with this.

    That’s ok, I understand. If you see anything in the plugin description or documentation that’s misleading, I’m happy to take another look at it.

    All the best.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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