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  • Hello.
    I’ve installed SuperCache to a fresh WP 3.5 installation (in mod_rewrite mode).
    After “Preload cache now” is finished, I have 46 Cached Pages and every request served under 10ms.
    But if I update (change) any post, a first request to *any* page slows down to 350ms!
    All cache files in Cache Contents tab renamed to “.needs-rebuild” and seems like they are not served to a user (10ms vs 350ms).

    Is that by design?

    I expected that only changed page cache will be invalidated, not the whole cache.
    Do I have to schedule cache rebuilt?
    If I have 100k pages, updating only one page will invalidate whole cache and it will take forever (10 hours if one takes 350ms per page) to rebuilt it again?

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  • After analyzing debug log I understand that probably only 1st user will have to wait until the new page is generated. And 100 other users requesting *same* page will be served from renamed needs-rebuild file.
    But this wont solve the problem if 100 users will try to open 100 *different* pages. We will be forced to rebuilt 100 pages (half a minute) and those 100 first users will have to wait for this process.

    Is there any way to rename only necessary pages to “needs-rebuild” file.
    Or at least serve “needs-rebuild” file right away and schedule “needs-rebuild” file for rebuilding by renaming is to “.rebuilding-in-process” (processed by rewrite). And then when rebuilding is over, save fresh cache file and just delete “.rebuilding-in-process”.


    03:04:32 /features/ supercache dir: C:\inetpub\
    03:04:32 /features/ No wp-cache file exists. Must generate a new one.
    03:04:32 /features/ In WP Cache Phase 2
    03:04:32 /features/ Setting up WordPress actions
    03:04:32 /features/ Created output buffer
    03:04:32 /features/ Rebuild file renamed to cache file temporarily: C:\inetpub\
    03:04:32 /features/ Rebuild file renamed to cache file temporarily: C:\inetpub\
    03:04:32 /features/ Output buffer callback
    03:04:32 /features/ Anonymous user detected. Only creating Supercache file.
    03:04:32 /features/ Gzipping buffer.
    03:04:32 /features/ Writing non-gzipped buffer to supercache file.
    03:04:32 /features/ Writing gzipped buffer to supercache file.
    03:04:32 /features/ Renamed temp supercache file to C:\inetpub\
    03:04:32 /features/ Renamed temp supercache gz file to C:\inetpub\
    03:04:32 /features/ Writing gzip content headers. Sending buffer to browser
    03:04:32 /features/ wp_cache_shutdown_callback: collecting meta data.
    03:04:32 /features/ Did not write meta file: wp-cache-87dd271736cf4504a5ee220e329ee07c.meta *1* *0* *1*

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