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  • Unfortunately there is no way to modify the layout of the form without purchasing an extension. I missed that somehow when I read the description.

    Plenty of other forms out there that do basic function like this, so nothing special without extensions.

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  • Moderator mordauk


    What kind of layout-editing tools were you expecting?

    Providing examples always helps the developer better determine what they could improve.

    Personally I would not consider layout editing to be a “basic” feature. It’s actually a very,very advanced feature.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    This review is not entirely correct. You absolutely can modify the layout of a Ninja Form without purchasing an extension it would just require you writing your own CSS to accomplish that.

    Layout & Styles is a product we provide for people who want to accomplish this but are not that familiar with CSS. Instead of learning CSS from scratch which would cost much more then the price of the extension it guides you to make extremely complex layouts if you so desire.

    We are always open to suggestions to make this process better as well.

    Okay, you got me on that one.

    I should have been more clear in my original post. Yes, layout can be modified with CSS.

    Based on the demo alone, I was under the impression that the plugin could achieve those layouts right out of the box without any additional coding. I was looking for a time saver and didn’t find it.

    Perhaps clarification on the demo would save confusion. “Premium Feature” or “Additional CSS Required” would make it clear.

    I will say this, purchasing the full meal deal for this plugin would be a good investment for those who want alternate layouts / functionality without additional coding.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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