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  • So… This plugin offers a lot of things the other standard free ones don’t… especially the IMing feature… so I decided to give it a try. If your in the U.S. or speak English, or otherwise do not know Russion, don’t use this plugin! I can tell they have made attempts at translating to English but the translations are incomplete. It’s like they just kind did the minimal effort and used a non native English speaker to translate. I can not say if this plug in works, because I couldn’t get through the settings. The settings page has “broken english” aka… not proper english, so many of the settings and descriptions make no sense and sound like gibberish. A few of the settings are actually still in Russian. Then, as the plugin states, it does indeed create the needed pages automatically…. I really wish it hadn’t. Some of the pages were created using English, some are in Russian. Why its not consistent is beyond me. Again this creates the problem that if you don’t know Russian, you will not know what all the pages are for. This could be a really really great plugin for worldwide use, however they need to majorly invest some time into #1 translating ALL of it into English and #2 correct the badly translated English that makes no sense. Oh and did I mention? The support documents linked on this plugins dashboard are all titled in Russian as well. So you have no idea which to click on what what kind of support.

    TLDR: If you are a native English speaker and/or don’t know Russian at all, this is not the plugin for you.

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  • Plugin Author Andrey Plechev


    thanks, that’s really bad.


    Really-we are not native speakers. It turns out the freelancer who did the job – did it bad. But, alas, we can not check the quality of his work, because we are not native speakers. Vicious circle…

    But this is an open source – which means you can contribute to this free plugin. Help us make it better – and many will thank you. Some of the lines may come across in Russian – please specify them through feedback – this is a quick fix.
    A lot of work has been done, and the final touches on the translation, I think, can not be worth two stars.

    Only by the community’s joint efforts we will be able to make this plugin better.

    We’re really sorry that you’re facing this problem. If you want to help-support forum is open, offer your options.

    Thank you for your opinion.

    p.s. – sorry for my bad english

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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