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  • Hugh


    First I think this plugin is an awesome idea… Second, it could afford some improvements.

    Drupal as a module which does something simular – providing a list of countries – for other modules to access… So, it seems to be an efficient way to work as a developer…

    I think the plugin could be improved by doing three things:

    1. Adding more data on install. Absent from the standard data is the UN regions
    2. There is also no documentation saying which list of countries is being used. Is it ISO 3166 and if so current as of what data? – there are also social lists like this one on github which could be used…
    3. It would be nice, cool, useful in some cases, to have multiple names for countries, like per language as can be found here:

    I am not sure why this was implemented as a CPT. (I am not saying that is it a bad way to do it – I just don’t know.) It seems to me that if people are going to use countries that they are going to want to associate them with another CPT… This I think is the role of a taxonomy. But then if the countries are a taxonomy and we have all this other data about the country then the taxonomy needs custom fields for each term… And if I understand things then that dynamic starts to look awkward – in a WordPress kind of way.

    The challenge for me in WP using this plugin has been that I need the countries to work as a taxonomy. So, I found to work with the custom post types and “taxonomize” the CPT. The problem is that it is a hog… that is when I do it this way then it takes some time for my processor to find the correct countries. (If this is not a best practice way of working, someone tell me and show me the light… ) I am also using ACF and using the above set-up with that…. I just wish I could have a Chosen interface rather than the ACF one….

    the only next thing I could wish for would be a plugin like this which allowed for the use of ISO 639-3 language codes, kinda like this one did…

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  • Plugin Author Ben Huson


    Thank you for the feedback.

    Just a little info about why CPT, not taxonomy.
    It’s mainly down to the amount of data that we may want to associate with a country and that it is more flexible to store this as a CPT as taxonomy meta isn’t really supported by WordPress that well – it’s best to think of a taxonomy as just a way of grouping posts and CPT for more data-oriented objects.

    For example, if you want to relate a post or other CPT to a country you could use the plugins you mention above or the posts 2 posts plugin which is an excellent for relating a CPT to another CPT.

    Also it is much easier to query a CPT by meta data etc.

    Adding ISO 639-3 language codes as meta data should be fairly straightforward and will probably be something that is added at some point.

    We’re quite happy to receive code patches and suggestions.
    I have posted the code on GitHub if people prefer to contribute in that way:

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