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  • In short, the plugin has great potential and was probably outstanding in a previous version. There are a number of really lacking features in this plugin that could easily be fixed, but seem to have simply been neglected.

    1. There is no upload button for images, you have to copy/paste the URL.

    2. The logo to replace the WordPress icon is not vertically aligned properly, even if you use a 28px max, as instructed.

    3. If you try to customize the admin bar colors, random things don’t get colored. Like separators and the “collapse menu” button. The icons don’t have their own color options, so if you use a color combination with low contrast, the icons look like puke because they are simply the text color, but transparent (even less contrast).

    4. If you change the text of the “back to website” button on the login screen, it’s no longer a link. You have to add the link yourself, which is utterly random considering it’s meant to replace the back to website link.

    5. Login screen customizations are severly lacking. You can change the logo and tweak a couple of links, and that’s about it.

    6. The language is very poorly written, eg: [1] “Put here an URL of the new top bar image”, [2] “Put here a link for admin bar logo .” (notice the space before the period)

    7. Some things are just poorly designed and you have to try it out to see if it even works as you would expect. For example, if you upload a custom admin bar logo, but check “Hide default WordPress logo”, it also hides your custom logo.

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