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  • I like the idea, but the topic label at the top of the comments page appears in Chinese on my English-language Mac Pro. Worse, it conflicts with the auto-quoting plugin I use, Quoter.

    As a result of that, I am not able to use it — at least for now.

    Suggestions anyone?

    Gene Steinberg

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  • idea about what?

    I’m the author of this plugin. Thanks for testing it.

    Yeah, I forgot to instead the Chinese characters by English words. Now I remove them(instead by international version just as _e('words'); and update the plugin to version 2.5.5. But I’m not sure is there any missing one. If you find one, just point it out here, thanks.

    As the DEMO(It’s a Chinese blog, but you can see what does the plugins look like and how does it work) showed, you don’t need any more “QUOTER” or “THRESHOLD” or “AJAX COMMENTS” plugins . AJAX Comments-Reply takes all of them. Even more, they might be conflict with each other, because they do the same thing twice if you use both of them. So, just deactivate “Quoter”, that’s my suggestion.

    Any comment, bug report and feature suggestion of this plugin are welcomed and appreciated.

    whistler2020, this post is about a plugin called “Ajax Comments-Reply”, you can find it at

    Yes, I can give it a more thorough try now with the hope it’ll work out OK. If it does, I’m happy to revise the rating.


    OK, a follow-up. I have to continue to use Quoter, in large part because it’s needed for legacy quoted material, even though it doesn’t suit for newer stuff.

    Also, I needed to “hack” your labels so there’s a word space between Mail and (Required). Little stuff like that needs to be spruced up.

    However, otherwise it’s coming along nicely and I’m happy to revise my rating if there’s any way to do that here.

    And can someone suggest a good formatting add-on for comments?


    Great plugin, the only problem I’m having is the text color, I’ve tried everything I could but it still changes all the text color to Blue. Any ideas/fix?

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