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  • This plugin seems to be working fine however, there is no documentation within the plugin’s settings page. Zero, zilch, nadda. Three of the four settings available *are* self-explanatory, but the last setting is for a whitelist of IP’s.

    I had to come here to the plugin’s page, where I was able to glean some information from throughout the page. The specifics of constructing the whitelist is unfortunately still undocumented.

    In one area of the page it is indicated that “you can input a whitelisted IP address (or multiple addresses separated with commas or spaces)”.

    In another area of the page it says “Partial IP address matching for dynamically-allocated IP addresses”.

    That is great, but while I was able to get some information about how to use the whitelist, the information that was available (which should have been included on the plugins’ setting page) is still ambiguous.

    In what manner are we to represent partial IP address matching?
    – 123.456.789.* or 123.456.789.000 or 123.456.789. or 123.456.*.* or 123.456.0.0 or in some other manner that I did not use as an example above? We don’t know what calls the plugin is looking for to recognize the partial IP’s, and there is no documentation indicating how to properly enter the whitelist. Because of this, I am uncertain if I am using the plugin correctly.

    My request is this: Please add this information to the settings page of the plugin. There is more that enough room there.

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  • Plugin Author cheesefather


    Hi, you’re right – bloody typical eh, developers not bothering with documentation!

    Partial IP matching works like this: you type in part of an IP address, so for example 192.168.1 then that covers you for any IP address that starts with that string – whatever the octets that come after. You can separate the IPs with commas or spaces so you could write:


    I’ll add documentation to my to do list. Sorry for the confusion! Thanks.

    Thread Starter mehtuus


    For clarification, would “192.168” work the same as “192.168.“?

    And thank you for the information.

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