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    In the HTML view, I went to my determined end point as instructed and used the ” #anchor_id ” as instructed.

    In the end anchor I used the Number 1 as my First anchor indicator (i.e.: ” #anchor1id ” REPLACING the ” _ ” underscore as the blank area to insert my indicator 1st Numbered 1 as shown).

    Than, (coming out of HTML view) from with within View, I utilized the WP Link dialog in its normal manner using the anchor I established as my inserted Link i.e.: ” #anchor1id “

    That is how I interpreted your instructions and how I arrived at my current point of still needing to locate an operable method.

    SORRY but for those of us who are new at this WP Stuff explaining instructions in a manner that can only be understood by others who already know what you are talking about is of no vale to new users.

    I’m sure your Plug-in (most likely) works fine. But, like most things, it will only work if you know how to work it. Thanks any way. Bottom Line: More HELPFUL instruction would be MORE HELPFUL.
    Warmest regards

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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