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  • yapic


    The idea of the plugin is great but yet it can only be considered as another page builder (and even not a good one). The way it drops compatibility to existing plugins, metaboxes, existing themes and sites is terrible. It should not become a core feature in WP 5.0 and it should not be rushed.

    Do not force the web-designers and web-developers into the situation requiring to update (or redoing) existing sites and requiring to explain this to customers only because the update notification pops up. Customers would not understand what this ”For developers: huge upgrade, require to modify everything and need the time to do so / For customers: Just do this update. We have a maintenance contract with you” situation is and they would require time to understand and they would need to also collect the budget/money for this change.

    As for now, the plugin is in a such alpha state that preparing the customers for this change does not make any sense yet since it isn’t clear at all, how the transition could be done and where to go (e.g. of things unclear: Gutenberg adaptations to existing plugins / Plugins update to be compatible with Gutenberg / Content conversion requirements / Block creation efforts of extra features actually delivered by plugins such as ACF / integration in highly customised templates and themes not using the standard post types, content section, … at all).

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  • jayhill


    Unfortunately the response that will come back will be to utilize the Classic Editor plugin. It’s going to be up to different theme and plugin developers to get their items 5.0 ready. There’s been a ton done to minimize any negative effects, and you should always check compatibilities first before upgrading to any major release branch.

    Just my two cents on this whole matter.

    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @yapic, it’s important to note that how Gutenberg lands in core is yet to be decided – opt in or not, that’s not set. We are right now in the creation phase of Gutenberg and close but not reached feature complete.

    As far as preparing for release, that’s going to be a large scale community effort, just like any WordPress release. This is where the community thrives and excels. We have a lot of different teams, all working together. We have training being written, marketing materials being created and so on.

    I have yet to try Gutenberg. I simply do not have time to test it on even a portion of the clients’ sites that I manage.

    IMHO, Gutenberg NEEDS to be opt-in, not opt-out or (even worse) a plugin to disable which requires maintenance. Huge changes like this that affect every installation ever done, will need to be opt-in.

    I realize that the product needs to evolve in order to compete with Squarespace and whatnot, but fundamentally changing Core to reflect the needs of is not a good path, and will lead to people opting for competing solutions, or an outright fork of WP.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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