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  • Popup Maker Team


    Dear @pixtweaks,

    Thank you for your feedback, but you are mistaken.

    We have clearly mentioned in our plugin description that an API key is needed to make the popups work connected to the WP plugin:


    Besides, all the process of connecting the plugin via API key takes max 1 minute.
    Can you, please, specify the reason for rating the plugin with 1 star review?



    you mention the need for API in the bottom part and in the installation tab, not at all. 1 minute is easy, but I didn’t want any solution that required API. OMG for simple popup why on earth I have to use API??? And why 1 star? Because I wasted my time when really needed a quick solution, that’s why. It’s not about the quality of your plugin, is about user experience, I would argue that it’s a part of the deal, isn’t it?

    Popup Maker Team


    Dear @pixtweaks,

    The usage of an API is not a disadvantage, it’s a plus indeed.
    All the requests in this case are proceeded to our servers and do not overload your website.
    Plus, the plugin code is being used less on your website.
    We are not coming with a simple popup solution, we have a great number of popup creating (and not only) tools that most of the plugins do not offer.
    We assure you that any type of website can solve various kinds of tasks (increase sales, conversions, get more subscribers, etc.) with our multi-functional tool.
    We are not trying to advertise our tool here, but we just want to highlight the advantages that you might have missed.
    Yes, the user experience is super important for us, and we do care about all our users’ opinions.
    But this case is really not worth a 1 star.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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