• If you have PHP version 8.0 or above on your website, you will receive the following message ONLY if you have the Javascript option OFF in the MailChimp plugin settings — if you don’t have the Javascript option on, the form won’t work and you won’t receiving any error messages indicating why:

    Warning: Undefined array key “phone_format” in …/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp/mailchimp.php on line 861

    Downgrade to PHP 7.4+ if possible and it will work again. In the meantime, MailChimp really needs to up their game since WordPress+MailChimp integration is important to many, otherwise you’ll telling us to move to Constant Contact, et cetera.

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  • Thank you for the warning. This is remarkably disappointing! But don’t use Constant Contact. After giving up the fight today, I submitted a detailed review on my nightmare with them, currently awaiting moderator approval.

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