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    I was in a mood to buy this plugin but then thought of testing it and to my surprise, I am not really convinced.

    1) It uses fontawesome for everything. Wondering who on the earth still uses fontawesome. This is one the worst practice that hampers the website speed. I tested Ultimate block and Essential addon for gutenberg and none of the plugin uses fontawesome.

    2.All the block still uses Google Font.Although by using global setting I could able to get rid of the Google font but under CSS section I could see a call to the Google font server. I don’t know how to get rid of that.

    3. The pricing block get crashed everytime I add a discount.

    Overall it’s a great plugin but need a lot of improvement in terms of speed.

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  • Hello @bytegeeky,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. According to the Built With Statistics, more than 23 Million websites are using Font Awesome

    2. I have reported the issue to the QA team. We will fix this in our upcoming update.

    3. We need to get more information to understand why the block is “crashing”. Please send an email to support at for further investigation.

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    Hey Sekander,

    If you see plugins like essential addon for gutenberg or ultimate block or atomic block …none of the block uses fontawesome and still could achieve what you guys have done.

    Atleast there should have been one option to either use fontawesome or image. Forcing user to use fontawesome does not make any sense. I hate extra http calls just because of FontAwesome.

    4) Is there any way we can disable unused blocks. Currently I do not see any. Do you have any plan to implement that?

    As suggested by Rajib, I would also recommend having the option to disable unused blocks/elements/modules, like Elements Kit / Generatepress have:-

    This would make sites built with Qubely much faster, as speed seems to be an issue currently.

    Also, most competitors seem to support ‘all’ Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts, so please include that in a future release.

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    To the Author,
    If you guys implement the changes that people are asking in this forum, then definably the sale with gone up.

    Trust me, if you give an option to disable unused blocks and get rid of the fontawesome, it will sale like hot cake.

    Looks at your competitor from Dhaka itself. They have ultimate blocks which is one of the best gutenberg blocks. They don’t use any fontawesome and they have option to disable unused block.

    Instead of adding more features and expand your business portfolio , you guys should concentrate on improving existing products.


    Hello @bytegeeky

    We are working on getting rid of the fontawesome issue. We will hopefully be able to do that. Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions for the product. We hope to make it better in near future.


    @anim07 Are you also planning to allow unused blocks to be disabled? Most other leading block builders/plugins have that functionality.

    I hope you have read my comment above with an example of how Generatepress has this feature

    Hi @maxmanwp

    We are working hard to make things more flexible and bug free. This is a very useful idea you shared and its already in our feature list. Hopefully we can implement it in near future.

    Thank you

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