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  • It’s not a bad plugin, you can create some pretty impressive (and pretty) pages with it, i especially like it’s ability to go full width, even if your theme doesn’t, but it’s far from good enough to get 5 stars, at least from me.

    Here’s a list of what needs fixing/adding:

    1. the ability to copy and paste widgets at least from one page to another, other (free) page builders like Siteorigin even allow you to paste from one website to another, very useful for someone like me who works on over 40 websites.

    2. i NEED an Auto-correction OFF switch, right now in the text editor widget it always removes single line spaces, so if i do the slightest change i have to add them all back. EACH TIME. I do also have installed TinyMCE Advanced, which could be causing that.
    Also as I was converting an old page to Elementor, i was duplicating widgets with a lot of text and deleting all but the first paragraph from the first and only the first paragraph from the duplicated widget, but when you delete from the 2nd widget it can sometimes add strange spaces, sometimes with <p> </p> sometimes some <span ... 0em;> stuff ? (around a shortcode).
    I don’t need WP or Elementor adding or removing or fixing anything without my permission.

    3. having the text editor widget open on the left side in that narrow little space is rather cramped, an ability to move the “editor sidebar” to the bottom third instead of the leftmost third would help, or an ability to resize the area, or even a pop-up window like Siteorigin uses, or actually editing on page like in Squarespace.
    You are pretty much forced to make a new widget for each paragraph.
    Would love it if i could move that window to a different monitor entirely, so the preview would actually be true to life.

    4. certain widgets lack the most basic settings, like width for the button widget, which could be easily fixed with some simple custom HTML/CSS, but no, that is a PRO exclusive feature.

    5. it should really include a blank page template (no header or footer), seeing as it already has 2 of it’s own, it would be childsplay for the developers to add one, but there isn’t, so i have to use a seperate plugin for that.
    (i pretty much only use Elementor on blank pages, so …)

    6. my favorite theme (Fluida) uses a different way of selecting where and how many sidebars you want (not with page templates), which Elementor does not recognize, which i get, they can’t make it work with every theme, i just wish it would stop resetting it back to default each time i edit the page.

    7. when you click on a text editor widget, it changes how it looks completely, shortcodes show up and font sizes change, which would be somewhat normal if that is where you did the editing, but there is also the editing window in the left sidebar, which frankly you have to use, if you wanna do more than just typing or deleting.

    8. it’s quite slow to open.

    9. when i hit Preview (to preview a page) the first time it shows up, it shows how it used to look, you have to wait like 3-5 seconds for it to refresh, and then for some reason every 20-30 seconds it keeps refreshing on it’s own, rather annoying when you are quite a ways down on a big page and it suddenly throws you back up.
    Frankly i wished it worked like the normal preview button/window in WP.

    The PRO version solves almost none of these and at $200 for 1 year is frankly way to much. If all the above was fixed/added then i could see myself paying $100 for use on unlimited websites, with lifetime updates or at least 10 years.
    Make a PRO+ for those who also want support, i don’t, you shouldn’t need support in the first place.

    Now i’ve only been using Elementor for a few days, i’m sure there are more issues for me to find, but if there are solutions to my issues which i haven’t found yet, please let me know.

    This could be a great plugin, hell with some work you wouldn’t even need a theme anymore (if those Global widgets weren’t a PRO exclusive), then it would probably be worth $200. (because you wouldn’t need to buy a theme anymore)

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  • pingram


    A few things…

    1. This ability is already built in. I copy from one editor instance to another page’s literally every single day.

    2. This is all WordPress (not Elementor) and how it’s been since the early days. Certain markup is auto-formatted such as autop and other functions that add space, remove empty html tags, indent lists, etc. Thos of us that have worked in wp have learned how to work around these limitations but requires knowing all the quirks and often using custom css.

    3. The left panel can be drag resized. Additionally the text itself can be edited right inside the page preview so I use both depending on what my needs are. I also develop on a 40″ 4k monitor making it easy to resize the window to have a full 1080p preview width while still entertaining the additional width of the editors settings pane. I agree it would be great to detach and make it a floating modal or dock to any of the other 3 edges.

    4. I’d suggest using the github to request specifically what limitations you are referring. As with your button example, since the button is likely inline-block it’s typically best to use padding/margin options but yes custom css is often necessary. Without Pro you can still give your element a custom id or class and use the WordPress customizer to add custom css or you can simply add an elementor html element along with some style tags to add the desired css while in the editor and later move it out to your theme when finished devlopment (or just leave it in if that’s your preference).

    5. This IS already included. Use the elementor Canvas template to have a clean slate with no header/footer being loaded from the underlying theme, great for single use Landing pages.

    6. Not sure about this. Did you know elementor has a sidebar element? You can drag that element to choose any of the sidebars your theme provides. You can use as many sidebar widgets as needed as well.

    7. The idea w/ shortcodes is when you click away from editing the text widget, the shortcode renders so you will see the actual front end representation. Clicking to edit that element removes the render to make it easy to edit the shortcode and it’s attributes (if any) and will re-render once you click on another item again.

    8. This can be from many things. How many elements, images etc are you loading AND what kind of performance both your web server and your client machine support. It’s heavily reliant on javascript which runs natively in your client browser meaning the more stuff you have loading, the more resources it uses from your machine (and the underlying web server) – essentially your browser is requesting everything from the server, then it works with that data using your local machines memory and cpu power, that is until you save or load new elements which again pull from the web server. I’ve been working w/ Elementor since they had less than 100 installs and have never had issues with slow loading.

    9. Something is broken with your site. This is not normal behavior, I’d create a new ticket for this, maybe the community here can help.

    Hopefully these little tidbits can help. Best of luck and success with your site building, cheers!

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