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  • This plugin has great potential. Can I make a few suggestions/comments:
    1) Dashboard calendar does not display any projects/tasks.
    2) Is it possible to have in “Tasks” a start and end date that also appears on the dashboard calendar so I can see all projects at a glance.
    3) When clicking on users it does not display the username until you click onto “Modify Users”. Can the username be displayed in conjunction with the image. My users don’t have photos so I just get the generic grey person image.
    4) When I add a project overview description it turns out all mashed together instead of being separated in lines as I entered it.
    5) Is there anyway to make the project overview area clickable for URL links?
    6) Currently you have the following options: Dashboard | Project Overview | Calendar | Tasks | Users. Are you able to include “Client Information” between Dashboard and Project Overview. This area would mainly be for Client Contact information like username, first and last name, company name, client type, website, email, phone, and a box for notes. This area would need to be viewed and edited by admin only.
    7) Maybe you could use a slightly different color for headings because I wasn’t sure what words where clickable/linked. Just helps to differentiate between them.
    8) Will you be introducing invoicing through paypal in the future?

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