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  • We’re currently in the process of a site redesign, and are leaning heavily on using WordPress for it’s functionality and ease of use. However one thing that we really would like to “re-code” in a sense is our voting system.

    The voting system is called The Senior Challenge. It’s a contest for senior high school students to enter after getting their photo taken with us, in which they can win a cash prize if they have the most votes.

    How it currently works is:

    1 – They get their photo taken, and enter a proof into the challenge.
    2 – I use a custom upload page where I enter in the proof they want to use, and their name and school.
    3 – The photo gets placed into a directory on our server, and the necessary information is entered into a MySQL DB.
    4 – On the web page, there is a 5 tab structure grouping students alphabetically “A-F”, “G-L”, “M-R”, “S-X”, “Y-Z” by their last name.
    5 – Each name appears as a link.
    6 – When a link is clicked, a “lightboxed” photo of them appears, along with information about them at the bottom, and a vote now button.
    7 – When a vote is cast for a particular person (an ip address can only vote once), it gets recorded into the MySQL DB, and they get taken to a “Thank you for voting” page.
    8 – There is also a “Top 10” page which ranks the Top 10 based on their numbers of votes in the DB.

    Is there a plug-in, or a combination of plug-ins that work well together that can give me this functionality in WordPress?

    NOTE: I’m the new web designer at the photo studio and have no idea how the other person coded nor implemented this system. He used a lot of php programming, which I’m CURRENTLY not able to follow as he left no comments on it at all, and is unavailable for explanation.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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