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  • Greetings everyone,

    I am a UX designer and consultant (server tech is way out of my learning curve).
    My business is currently bidding for a project where a client is using their own server
    to run their website. It is currently a bare bones operation with no database installs on the server (not sure if that is worded correctly or not).

    We sent them a list of questions to see what kind of server they are running
    so as to troubleshoot what will be needed to get WordPress running on their server.

    What I need from you (whoever you are) is what will be needed to run WordPress based on these server specs… and if there is not enough details to answer that question, any other questions we need to ask to get that answered.

    Here is the List of Questions with their Answers…


    Operating System:
    Q: what system do you currently use?
    A: Dell Perc 2850

    Q: Is your server 32bit or 64bit?
    A: X32

    Q: Memory?
    A: 4GB

    Q: Hard Drive Space?
    A: C Drive (OS/Web Page) 140GB Raid5 (only using 70GB of partition, 27GB available) 70GB Unpartitioned, D Drive (Swap File) Raid1 36GB, 31GB available

    Q: CPU power?
    A: 3.0 Ghz Dual (Hyper Threading)

    Q: What is the current backup software on the server? Manual or Automated?
    A: Symantec BackUp Exec 2010R3 x64


    I look forward to anyones responses.
    Thank you very much!

    In Gratitude,
    Inlightn Design

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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