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  • Hello:

    I am a blind user and still trying to understand how the WordPress plugins and widgits work. I am hopeful someone in the forums can help me here. Keep in mind that being blind, I don’t have the luxury of seeing how a plugin or widgit works in a screenshot.

    I am looking for a playlist based mp3 player. I am not certain if this is achieved with 1 script alone or with two separate scripts, the playlist script itself and then the mp3 player. I will list my requirements of this plugin or widgit and perhaps someone can point me the way.

    I host a website where I feature my music. I have several different categories and for example’s sake, I will say they are rock, country and jazz. I want a dedicated playlist for each category and this is done by copying a php playlist code into the page?

    I want the following options for the player itself. Play/stop, rewind/fast forward, random/shuffle and for the audio file to play in a popup window so visitors could surf away from my site and still listen to my music.

    I would like to be able to upload my files into category specific folders as well.

    So if someone were to visit my site, they would see…

    Listen to my rock!
    *play/stop rewind/fast forward random/shuffle*

    Listen to my Country!
    *play/stop rewind/fast forward random/shuffle*

    Listen to my Jazz!
    *play/stop rewind/fast forward random/shuffle*

    So if they clicked on play, it would play the files in the order they are within the category folder. If they click on random, it would randomly play files within the category folder. It would play through them all then stop. It would also be nice to have the player displaying track title, artist, time elapsed, etc. This latter is optional and not all that important.

    I apologize if this post is too wordy. It is my experience that if you don’t explain yourself thoroughly, you end up spending way too much time reposting clarifications.

    Thanks in advance.


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