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  • I’ve slowly been working on building a new theme in preparation of moving (finaly) to WP15. I’ve been working with it off line, and began the WP integration a couple of days ago. Since FF is my preferred browser (and my default one) I developed it for FF. And so now it looks just like I want in FF…… then I fired it up in IE.

    The good news is that it’s 80% there. But there are a couple of alignment items that need to be looked at. I’m hoping there’s someone who would be willing to work with me later tonight (like after 10pm ish CST -6GMT) to get it looking right. Since it looks fine in FF, and not int IE, I’m guessing that it’s going to need to be some kind of CSS hack that allows IE to read it, and not FF – or vice versa. As of yet, I have not validated the CSS or (XHTML) – but I will have that done later.

    If anyone is willing to give it a go, drop me a line at tg AT tannagh DOT com. The new theme has not been posted yet, but should anyone want to help me out, I’ll put it out there for viewing.


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  • TG,
    I can have a boo at it in a few hours. nuclearmoose at gmail dot com.

    Let me know what you need. Could you publish it live in a test sub dir ?

    I check with firefox and IE almost everytime I add/modify a line to CSS. It’s easier to fix a problem if you see it right away, rather than trying to isolate and actually find where the problem lies. My development setup is three windows: css file, firefox, IE. Switch and refresh among application with keyboards and it’ll be so much effective.

    alphaoide — For the most part that’s what I did. It’s not a matter of determining “what’s wrong” because what’s wrong is that IE mangles perfectly valid CSS. All that’s wrong is that a couple of positionings are messed up.

    Root/NM — I’ll post static HTML it’ll be easier that way since the site is still wp1.2 and I’ve moved this onto a 1.5 site….


    I seem to remeber that ie counts the scrollbar in the width and firefox doesnt.. or vice versa..

    alphaoide makes a good point. The same is true in any other software dev situation. Test as you go makes it much easier.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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