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  • Hi,

    What I’m specifically looking for is a photo plugin for wordpress where the plugin will upload a photo into a news story (I guess that would be a thumbnail) and then automatically link that photo to a larger image on a separate page (if this is possible).

    I don’t really need any gallery requirements. Something that’s hopefully easy to implement as I’m not overly savvy with WordPress.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much in advance.


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  • This one will do what you want nicely:

    The domain, the source of the Image Manager, is offline but I found the downloads in SourceForge:

    There’s not much support there (empty forums, no screenshots, no docs, etc.) but since you seem to be familiar with it, maybe you can help with some info?

    There are two versions at SourceForge. One is the ImageManager+Editor and the other is called Standalone. There’s no guidance on which is for what purpose?

    Do you have any suggestions on that point?

    Also, exactly where and how does this get installed on a WP? Can you offer links to working examples?


    i know you said you do not really need a gallery, but i have been using Gallery2 with the WPG2 plugin and i think this will do what you want it to.

    in an earlier thread i gave reference to a personal family page i just finished .. take a look there and see if the gallery meets what you are looking for.



    Thanks for that. It seems to be working nicely.

    Question: Do you know if there is anyway to have the photo it links to (on a separate page) use my wordpress template instead of a blank page?

    2. can I caption these photos with this?

    Thanks again.


    @ racerman28:
    Sure – read up on this:

    @ jerseyjoe:
    Don’t hijack threads with false info – my link works fine.

    Samboll, don’t scold people until you check out what is being said . . .

    You are sending people to a page where the following is posted as the download source for the plugin:

    “The ImageManager plugin integrates the stand alone PHP ImageManager + Editor with WordPress. “

    That text contain a link to the alleged source of the plugin. The linked site is offline. Had you only checked it out you would know there is nothing false about that.

    Having your incomplete or innacurate or outdated information corrected may pain you but that is no reason to complain when someone else fixes it.


    Hope I don’t sound too lazy here, but is there a specific topic on the template link I should read? I’m not altogether sure how to proceed.

    Thanks for your help. 🙂


    Kenneth, just to add further to your confusion…

    My Post Image plugin offers much of what you’re looking for. It ties in with the WordPress (image) attachment/upload tool found in the post editor. Though I haven’t put it to use in such a way, it should be easy enough to set things up so whatever image is uploaded with a post has A. a thumbnail displayed with the post, and B. the thumbnail linked to the ‘attachment page’ for the image.

    Here’s the plugin:

    Contact me by email (address in the sidebar on main page of my blog), and I’ll see what I can work out for suggestions on setting something like this up on your site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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