• We were migrating our events from a different plugin and had thousands of events to move.

    We used this plugin and even bought the pro version to move. Ultimately, we ran into issues and were unable to migrate because of issues with the plugin, such as organizers and venues not matching up when migrated. It took us many hours to work around, and we reached out to support. They were admittedly responsive, but not ultimately very helpful.

    Ultimately, we had to hire third-party developers to make this plugin work for us, costing us a couple hundred extra dollars. I also had to do a lot of extra work for features that should have already been included in this plugin but weren’t, such as events occurring on multiple days not showing on the calendar, options for hiding the registration button by default, stopping events from expiring, event tickets showing on every single page, and much, much more, by digging through Stack Overflow posts and forums to find what I needed for many, many features. (thank goodness for those)

    If you have a simple website with simple needs, this plugin probably works fine for you. If you have a massive site or complex needs, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. If we had not hired third party developers, I doubt we would be able to use this plugin properly right now still.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by jessicadixie.
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  • Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @jessicadixie

    I appreciate you migrated from other plugin and choose ours to use it on your platform.
    WP event manager didnot have a plugin that will help you import events from one site to other, and we have also not promoted on our site. We only have a export plugin.
    To help r provide aid, we have introduced a migration plugin which is separate from the normal event manager plugin. This plugin only has initial version and hence changes in wo event manager plugin doesn’t implies that migration would work 100percent, however we try to help completely.

    The company policy clearly states that we will not be accepting any part of customizations and hence, in case if you needed extra features implemented, you need to hire a private developer. Regarding the features stated, we try that we try to include all the features but they come up with different versions.

    Sometimes the features cannot be added by default and hence the support team tries that we provide additional code to help you work as much as possible.

    We have a fully functional demo site, and hence the features that we already have can be tried on the admin demo. However, in case if some features that are unavailable and if possible at our end, we try that support team provides the same.


    Thread Starter jessicadixie


    Hi Priya,

    I appreciate your responses, but the features I needed to be added were basically essentials and we wouldn’t have a functional event manager without them, as in they should already be included with the plugin and are basically bugs without them.

    Thank you.

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