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  • Hi Guys,

    It has been some time now, 6 months to be prescise to get our blog up and running successfully. Please check it out @

    Now, this blog is technologicaly bent. It deals with computer & network security, malware analysis, etc.

    Please check it out and let us know how it is!

    – Black

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  • The theme could do with changing, otherwise great content and on topic.

    Ah! Thanks for your reply. Will try to change somethings about the theme.

    I like it! Including the clean theme.
    I am looking at as many Blogs as I can for design ideas and seeing what works and what does not, to incorporate into my upcoming work.
    Your site is beautiful. As soon as it opens I like it, nice layout, nice fonts. I like the 3 panels. First impression is everything. I won’t bother reading what the blog has to say if it the layout is not well balanced. Your layout promotes the readers desire to read further. Good job!

    HI Addit,

    just wondering how you did the categories to show in column and rows. When you click on the category on the left you only get little four line info that links to the full post.

    I am trying to do this on my web site, when I click on the category, all the postings shows up, I just put the site together, I am not even close to being done with the set up but once I start adding postings I would like them to show up similar to your layout. If interested to look at what I mean please go to Once you click on any of the categories that has more than one posting you get the full postings on the page.

    I am still setting up the database and the structure of the categories, so if things did not make sense it’s because it work in progress.

    thank you

    Hey all! Thanks for your valuable comments.

    I wanted a minimalistic blog without much of a strain on the eye. The fonts which we chose had to be cross OS/browser compliant. Hence Verdana.

    @rsktech, that functionality has been added by the theme itself. I’m using the Thesis theme. An amazing theme I must say. I did understand what you wanted to say and checked out your page. Yours is a good blog too. 🙂

    Images flowing out of the content area–hope you try some image resizing

    Oh yes! Have been on it for a long time.. still need time from work to fix it all up. I will have it fixed, probably this weekend.

    Okay.. I did it with a plugin. Sweet. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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