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  • Hey guys – haven’t posted here in a while, been very busy working on a new project which we just released a few months ago.

    I really like the single pages of our blog, but I have gotten a few comments from others who are saying that when they land on the front page – they are not sure WHERE or WHAT to do.

    I like what I have done, but I also know you must listen to your readers – so if would be really cool if you could check out our travel blog and share with me your opinions, and also maybe a few ways I could make the front page more user friendly?

    thanks in advance!


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  • On the whole, it looks pretty good to me. A few comments though:

    * You have two menus, one on either side of the header. Perhaps you could differentiate these stylistically (ie. background colour, smaller font, lighter shade of grey) to provide a visual clue to which one is more important. As it is, it just sort of makes me wonder why there are two menus at all.

    * I’m not 100% convinced by the feature box. The photo works well, but the text below seems a bit of a strange thing to have in the slider. Maybe that’s just because I haven’t seen something like that before though… I suppose the thing is that it looks and feels very much like a standard WordPress excerpt, not like slider material.

    Hope that’s helpful!


    that’s a very good domain name 🙂

    It took a little longer to load, actually its still loading as i write. I think your twitter or something on the sidebar is slowing down your website.

    You got great content on your blog, i see that you are already doing great on stumble upon and other social sites, congrats 🙂

    over all, great content, simple and neat theme, i like it,

    Not Bad. I agree with both of the above.

    I like:
    The two wide photo columns for the recent blogs
    The open feel
    The simple approach although the main photo header changes fast but loads slow.

    Minor Suggestions:
    -Top menu and lower menu bars above and below header photo are not aligned. Either make them the same or differentiate them as Eric suggests above.
    -Do not like the RSS links on right, move to below sidebar menu above ‘as we travel recommends’ OR take away all and replace with chicklets
    -If you are going to run banner ads in header space (world nomads) careful it does not unbalance the header as your logo is fairly light.
    – It seems to be mainly backpacking and hostel related. Perhaps put these in the title, description & H1 so people interested in the blog may find it organically. The blog has a lot to offer, no need to hide it ;]

    Overall pretty good!


    PS very random thought – do you have a mobile simplified log in / blog summary access for those actually out on the move looking for travel advice? Mobile is big and could increase viability and revenue…

    wow guys! thanks for all the awesome replies – I am going to spend some time today working on changing a few of these suggestions – really appreciate the feedback – very helpful! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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