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  • Hi WordPress theme designers, I’m a newbie wordpress theme designer. I need your experiences when using theme generator. Is this really helps us or not? Or it makes us be a lazy designer? Thanks for your sharing

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  • Never used a theme generator (never heard of one anyways). Best way is to code your theme in notepad++ and photoshop from scratch.

    Lisa K


    to WpThemesPlanet: Thanks, I also use them. I heard the theme generator software from my friend’s blog post. He mention that the easiest way to create WordPress theme is using Artisteer Theme generator. .

    But I have not try it yet. Because, I’m sure, it brings pros and cons in my brain. But I still can’t find the pros and cons itself. Can you help me to find it?

    to Lisa Kalandjian: Thanks for the link, very useful



    In my experience, artisteer is very limited in terms of desing. It is really easy to create themes with it, but everything ends up with the same structure and feel. If you just want to have a simple ‘blog’ template (think wordpress default theme) with a custom header, colors, and whatnot, artisteer is fine, but if you want something a little more advanced, it falls flat.

    Bear in mind, though, that I tried artisteer once over a year ago, wasn’t impressed with it, and never used it again.

    Agree, may be I can’t make custom wordpress theme like magazine style which has complex post column. I’m sure that Artisteer can’t do this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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