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need tutorial for themes

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  • For starters, I think you need to look at the WP docs about themes. Then you could do a Google on the topic. I found this site http://www.webmaster404.com/porting-wordpress-themes/ which has a simple description of what you need to do. It all just takes time, once you understand how WP works. Good luck!

    xinfo: if you know PHP already, then I think this “Blank WordPress Theme” will help a lot:

    Also, as mentioned in that post, UrganGiraffe has some nice tutorials, too:

    I think it’s best to first understand WordPress themes, and once you are able to build one up from scratch, then start thinking about porting. Trying to port something to an unfamiliar platform is quite difficult if you don’t know the new platform well.

    yaa above document i will refer if i find some thing problem i get back here, well i dont get any notice message to my email when i get reply for my post why so

    i dont get any notice message to my email when i get reply for my post why so

    Are you talking about your blog or the forum?
    And what has this issue to do with the present topic?

    from the time i join here wordpress.org/support

    i use to discuss but i dont get any notice via email that i got a reply alway i use go my profile and use to check the thread where i have posted

    Yes, that’s how it works. NO email from here. Just keep coming back 😉

    ohh its really have to check each and every time big draw back hope you al people fix it soon

    No fix. It is like this by design 🙂
    But you can subscribe to the RSS feeds.

    Top right corner of every page — see that “View Your Profile” link? That’ll show you threads you’ve started in one column and threads you’ve participated in another column.

    At the bottom of each thread is also an RSS subscription link.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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