• All my woocommerce products are now with VAT 0 despite woocommerce is set to display it. I hope I can restore the system.

    NOW ALL woocommerce products do not show any text to edit

    No shipping cost / option displayed on the product, that is included on final price regardless where the buyer buy it from.

    You can only set 1 country for shipping costs (which won’t be displayed) to all the Alibaba products, and this will apply to buyers any country!

    No profit % just a multiplier (1X, 2X ETC) or an absolute value, and need to be set on products 1 by 1

    Many products require minimum order of 10+ but you can order 1? There is no quantity control from the plugin? So in some cases to cover the high shipping cost and make a profit you need to set the price 12 times more!
    There are no setting controls on the plugin, no options, and most important (considering the above) no cancel stored setting after uninstalling the plugin.

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